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PACK suspension NOIR S2 pour Moto Guzzi 850 V 85 TT 2019-2021 (Sportshock 2 + fourche)

The SportShock 2 BLACK is an easy to adjust low pressure gas volume compensator tri-tube damper.

The rebound and compression ratio is already optimized andmovements of high and low speed are dissociated. With 26 clicks, it has a wide operating range to suit all tastes.

This dual setting controls the high speed movement like the SportShock1 (comfort) but also the movements of low speed (traction and stability).

Unlike an emulsion damper, the SportShock2 keeps a suspension of consistent quality and a good ground connection despite a poor road state or a rise in temperature.

The springs are selected by EMC technicians according to the general stateof load of the motorcycle.

The SportShock 2 BLACK is intended for sport use on public roads.


Hydraulic preload option

This option replaces the traditional method of spring setting by a hydraulic system. A thumb setting wheel taken up on the frame, or in certain cases directly on the shock absorber, the control the prestressed of the spring. This way of setting is very useful on a motorcycle of tourism to pass of a state of load in an other one as well as in competition to save time of development during the tries and in race during pitstops.

The cartridge kit is intended to replace the internal parts of the fork in order to improve its performance.

This kit contains two cartridges, two springs, two plugs with adjustments and assembly instructions.

This assembly allows the front axle to be adjusted on 3 points:

Spring preload

Compression hydraulics

The rebound hydraulics

The cartridge kit has the particularity of being adjustable on one side for hydraulic rebound and the other for compression since a fork arm controls rebound (R for Rebound) and the other arm for compression (C for Compression) ).

The 3mm CHC footprint on the fork caps includes 4 turns of adjustments and allows you to adjust the speed of movement of the fork in compression and rebound. The spring preload adjustment on the cartridge kit is done by the hexagonal recess with a 17 spanner. Changing the spring preload influences the height of the vehicle and therefore its ground clearance.

We can thus push back tailgating or even gain maneuverability. Springs are selected by EMC based on the general state of charge specified by the customer. The installation of the kit can be done by our technicians.

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  • Shock + Cartridge Kit
  • Shock with hydraulic preload option + Cartridge Kit
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